Another Vision of Quality
Meet the NextGen AI

AnotherBrain introduces its Quality Control solution, based on the Next Generation of Artificial Intelligence - Organic AI™, for Manufacturing 4.0

AnotherBrain demonstrates the power of its breakthrough artificial intelligence technology as well as the simplicity of execution and configuration, accessible to any type of industry, starting with applications that extend the reliability of quality control and the performances of guided robotics solutions.

Operational from the first day of production, easy to use and multi-sensor (vision, sound, vibration ...), this unique technology learns continuously and operates locally without cloud, which allows also to ensure data security.
Operational from the first day
of production
Simple to use
and continuous learning
Data security,
works locally
(without cloud)
Multi-sensor: vision,
sound, vibrations ...

The intelligent system
accompanies you to automate your Quality Control

Our quality control solution meets the needs of Industry 4.0 new production lines, flexible and adjustable at any moment. It accompanies the operators in order to continuously enhance the quality. The solution can be easily moved or permanently installed or even be robotized in order to get integrated in newly installed or existing production lines.

Bringing a new standard of collaboration between human and machine, our technology ameliorates considerably the performance and is simple to use.

Quality Control in 5 steps

Place the camera on the control zone
Choose the area of interest
Automatic learning of the appearance of the part
Quality Control in Production
Continuous learning
Detailed report

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